Vienna Music School facilitates long-term music education through quality lessons in piano, guitar, violin, and many other musical instruments. The lessons we offer vary greatly both in style—from the purely classical to modern jazz—and in levels—from preschoolers’ introductory classes to the demandingly advanced expert classes.


Quality and variety may well be two crucial aspects that throughout the years have sculpted the Vienna of today. Quality and variety alone, however, are inadequate in describing what Vienna is really all about.


Here at Vienna, across all lessons and all instruments, it is the love of music that we instill on the hearts of each one of our students. It is the passion that our teachers strive to share to all students; a passion that liberates the soul through the sounding of notes, a passion that sustains our lives through the striking of chords. We strongly believe that in everything, much more so in music, proficiency without enjoyment is but nothing a mundane display of aptitude.

It is our insatiable love of music that sets us apart from the rest. To pass this along to our students becomes our day-to-day philosophy.


Our international student body consists of about ... students from all ages (4 and up) and many nationalities. Our students take part yearly in examinations from the Royal School of Music, London, and the Australian Teachers of Dancing International (ATOD). Many of our students continue their musical education overseas upon completing high school. To take a look at the examinations we are currently organizing, click here.


To further improve the abilities, particularly the showmanship, of the students, Vienna Music School regularly holds room concerts and an annual concert at the end of every year. All students are encouraged to participate in showcasing what they have learned, and we gladly invite you to visit these concerts and be entertained. Master classes, seminars, and music appreciation classes are also conducted by experts that often visit the school. For information about upcoming events held at Vienna, please visit the Events page.

In addition to music lessons, Vienna Music School also offer reliable services in the buying and selling of new and used pianos. For a special request for service from us, don’t hesitate to contact us directly here.