Our highly experienced teachers offer private and group lessons, which are held in Indonesian, English, French, German or Mandarin, as well as other languages upon personal request.

We accept children from age 4 and upwards as well as adults seeking personal fulfillment. Our private lessons will be based on established and well-proven curricula, and carefully tailored to the specific needs and progress of the learner. That way, our students will not only be able to play music beautifully with their minds, mouths, and fingers working in harmony, but also to appreciate the sublime beauty of every second of music they play.

Below are the list of the courses currently on offer and the examinations organized by Vienna Music School.

Regular Class
  • - Piano
  • - Electone
  • - Keyboard
  • - Electric Piano
  • - Trumpet
  • - Clarinet
  • - Saxophone
  • - Violin
  • - Cello
  • - Acoustic Guitar
  • - Electric Guitar
  • - Flute
  • - Vocal
  • - Music Theory
Speciality Class
  • - Ballet
  • - Little Mozarts (music lessons for preschoolers)
  • - Early Childhood Artistic Development – in collaboration with Thinkerbelle
  • - ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) – Practice and Theory
    • 1st season: every March/April, last date of entry is approximately in October
    • 2nd season: every August/November, last date of entry is approximately in August
    • Note: Theory examinations are always held on Sundays while practical examinations are on weekdays
  • - ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing International)
    • Every November, registration period starts from August to October