This is where you can preview the profiles of more than 20 of our proficient and dedicated teachers that has been with Vienna for many years. They play a great part in shaping Vienna as a reputable learning institution, and also in sowing the seeds of musical fascination in the hearts of our students.

Cecilia Sutisna – Founder and Headmaster

Cecilia Sutisna received her first musical lesson in the age of 6 from various luminaries in music, such as Mrs. Betty Lim. In her teenage years, she moved to Singapore to further her piano studies with Mr. Chua Ka Pin. After completing the Grade 8 Theory and Practical Examinations from the Royal School of Music, she continued her studies specifically in music teaching in London. She also enhanced her piano skills by learning under the wings of a renowned Russian pianist, Mrs. Tanya Polumin, at the Private Music College. From professors at the Royal School of Music, she also learned in depth about musical harmonies and practices.

Upon returning to Indonesia, she taught private piano lessons at home, until in 1982 she established Vienna Music School, which throughout the following years expanded considerably both in the types of instruments taught and in the teaching systems. Besides being routinely invited to become a jury in various musical competitions, Cecilia often actively participates in international musical workshops, directly supervises the systems and curricula of teaching at the Vienna Music School, as well as organizing converts involving highly talented and distinguished musicians.

Sunaristiati – Flute

An alumni of the reputable Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Sunaristiati has many years of experience of teaching music in various institutions and schools under her belt. She was also an active member of several orchestras, most notably Twilite Orchestra and the Indonesia Wind Orchestra in the 1990s. In mid-2010, she joined Vienna Cikajang to share her skills and knowledge as a professional flutist to keen learners at the school.

Rudy Lukito – Piano

A graduate of Berklee College of Music in the US, senior piano teacher Rudy Lukito has obtained ample, if not massive, experience in teaching pop and jazz for piano, and is always interested to pursue new avenues of musical improvisations together with his students that are taking advanced courses. Rudy has been teaching at Vienna Cikajang since 1998.

Chandris Arly – Guitar and Bass

Chandris’s infatuation with guitars becomes apparent every time he begins plucking the strings to produce the first notes of any song he teaches to his students. He specializes in classical and pop guitar and also bass guitar. Chandris is available for teaching guitar practical skills up to Grade 8 and theory up to Grade 5 at Vienna Cikajang.

Wempie Z. Zakaria – Guitar and Bass

Total integrity to teaching is one of the many things Wempie is best known for. And the amount of teaching experience he has is unsurpassed by his peers in the school. He currently teaches classical guitar and bass at Vienna Cikajang.

Gitakemala – Piano

Gitakemala is an alumunus of Vienna Music School. She studied piano since the age of 6 years under the guidance of Mrs. Linda Prabaraharja. She often followed the piano festival and won the race. she has also prequently paticipated in piano master classes. Oct 2006 she graduated grade 8 practical exam of ABRSM London with remarks "Distinction" She began teaching since sept 2007. Now she also increases her ability to play piano and deepen knowledge about the teaching of piano music under guidance of a figure who is the founder of the YPM Music School and author of music books Mrs. Latifah Khadijat. Gita has the ability to teach the little kids with a "learn in a fun way" and teach up to grade 5 at Vienna Music Cikajang.

Lusiena Hade Yuni Sari – Piano

Having her students possess high-quality techniques as well as feeling in playing the piano is the single greatest aspiration of Lusiena. Yet she also enjoys teaching fun pop courses to her students. She started learning the piano when she was 7 and continues to participate in master classes held by, among others, Professors Reynaldo Reyer and Walter Hauzig. She teaches up to Grade 8 for Practice and up to Grade 5 for Theory at Vienna Cikajang.

Erika Raranta-Malessy - Vocal

Born into a family of musicians—her mother a soprano while her father composer and music lecturer—Erika has been trained to love and to master her discipline since she was five, by her teachers and also parents. She also took various courses, including piano, violin, vocal, and choir conducting, under the guidances of Mrs. Maria Tahalele, Mrs. Jevy Ursula, Mr. Soebagyo, Mrs. Aning Katamsi, and Mr. J. M. Malessy. A talented soloist and choir conductor, she spends her time teaching at Vienna Cikajang.

Astrid Alia Tanamal – Piano

An alumni of Vienna Music School since she was 9 years old, Astrid graduated from Grade 8 ABRSM in 2008 and further took up pedagogical studies with renowned pedagogist Mrs. Latifah Kodijat-Marzoeki. She also participated in numerous music teaching seminars, including Little Mozarts and Da Capo methods for teaching music to young kids. Since 2002, she has been teaching piano lessons up to Grade 5 at Vienna Cikajang.

Ade Meylie Permata Sari – Piano

Herself an avid lover of children, Meylie never hesitates to go the extra mile with her students that exhibited passion for learning. She teaches piano lessons from Beginner Level to Grade 5.

Marizza Sidharta – Ballet

If there is anything else that trumps Marizza’s love of ballet, it is most likely her love of language. Cheerful in mood and graceful in posture, Marizza is able to deliver ballet lessons in English, Dutch, Mandarin, German, and of course Indonesian. Her ballet lessons at Vienna Cibubur complements perfectly the already-comprehensive music curricula that Vienna Music is renowned for.

Vera Yosopandoyo

Piano Teacher


Piano Teacher

Erna Yulianti

Piano Teacher

Nina M. Sadikin

Piano Teacher

Foncy Himawan

Piano Teacher

Lisa Lesmana

Piano Teacher

Inawati Lukito

Piano Teacher

Della Terinathe

Piano Teacher

Dewi Ichsani

Violin Teacher

Endang Pramono - Ballet Teacher

Senior ballet teacher who has been teaching ballet education since 1983 in Semarang and Jakarta. Began studying ballet with the teacher continued with the Dutch in Semarang Mrs. Farida Sjuman (Bolshoi Ballet) with Vaganova system. Pengatahuan other ballet knowledge is also obtained from the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD), London and Australian Teachers of Dancing since 2006. Dedication to education has delivered many ballet dancers ballet in Indonesia. Ibu Endang Pramono also experienced teaching children who have special needs in a ballet class.


Has the experience, expertise and specific method for teaching piano to children who have special needs, such as Autism, Asperger's and other. Master the Korean language other than English and Indonesian in the teaching process

Christine Mangisi Tambunan - Vocal Teacher

Christine began her classical studies at Yayasan Pendidikan Musik under the guidance of Indonesian soprano Aning Katamsi. And later with Avip Priatna, one of Indonesia’s great conductor, at The Resonanz Music Studio.
Starting from 2008 Christine is an active member of Batavia Madrigal Singers (BMS). With BMS, she performs in many concerts in Indonesia, Europe, America, and recently accomplished as the Grand Prix Winner in the International Choral Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. Christine is a vocal teacher at Star Harvest Academy, Resonanz Music Studio and also a conductor of Serafim Choir.
In 2010, Christine had produced her well acclaimed vocal recital “The Spirit of Love” and in 2011 she accomplished as the 2nd Winner of “Tembang Puitik Ananda Sukarlan” National Vocal Competition 2011.

Johan Djayanto, SE - Guru Piano & Theory

Piano teacher (practice and theory)
Only teaching on Saturdays and Sundays

Ni Ketut Septiaryani - Piano Teacher

Born in Jakarta on 3 September 1983, began her music lessons at the Yamaha Music 1990 Indonesia to learn electone, followed by a piano instrument in 1996 to achieve qualifications Grade 5 Performance and Fundamentals. Ketut had attended piano masterclasses by Justus Zeyen, Adam Gyorgy, Dana Ciocarlie, Stephan Imorde, Sam Haywood, Adhi Jacinth, Aryo Abrams and chamber music master classes followed by Damien Ventula in Bandung Music Camp 2008.

Dicky Hermawan, - Violin Teacher

Solo was born on June 26, 1973. Began studying music formally at the High School Musical (SMM) of Yogyakarta in 1989-1993 Subject violin under bimbingann Dawn Ganif, S.Pd.Then proceed to the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta School of Music from 1993 to 2004 under the guidance of Drs. Junaidi Sham. Starting his career as a professional musician since 1995 and for the first time following the concert Nusantara Chamber Orchestra (NCO). Then joined several orchestras in Indonesia such as: Jakarta Symphoni Orchestra, Twilite Orchestra, Indonesian Philharmonic Orchestra, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Jakarta Chamber Orchestra, Magenta Orchestra and supporting senior musicians like Dian HP Band, Widya Kristanti Band, Jimmy Manopo Band, Aminoto Kosin, Tohpati, Oni N Friend, Sa 'unine String Orchestra and several other senior musicians.